Key Selection Criteria

How to Write Key Selection Criteria

Key Selection Criteria or KSC is the first document a selection panel reads to assess your suitability for a job.

If you don’t respond to the selection criteria in your application, you won’t get interviewed. No matter how qualified or experienced you are so be sure to respond if the job postings asks you to.

Create a separate document listing all of the selection criteria questions ( copy and pasted from the position description). Then write a short statement around 60 – 120 words for each.

Show clearly how your values, skills, experience and knowledge meet the selection criteria. Include examples from other jobs.

  • Highlight key words from the Key Selection Criteria and think about what the employer is looking for.
  • List examples in dot points and describe relevant skills, experience qualities and expertise etc.
  • Review your list and structure your response.

Think about the:

  • Situation – Where and When you did something
  • Action – What you did and How you did it
  • Outcome – What was the result of your actions

Check that each statement is 60 – 120 words long. Be positive without exaggerating or even down playing your capabilities and experience.

If you are addressing selection criteria and do not have the required skills, qualifications or quality, please do not leave it blank. Explain with examples how you have been able to undertake similar challenges in the past and that you can quickly gain the new skill that is required.

Do not forget to also include a Covering Letter with your Resume along with your KSC application.

Key Selection Criteria Examples

KSC1: Well-developed communication and interpersonal skills and ability to show strong attention to detail.

One of my duties was to answer customer enquiries, which utilised all my communication skills. Using clear communication, in oral and written forms, I ensured a good relationship with our staff was maintained and provided efficient and effective customer service. My interpersonal skills have been developed through liaising with a variety of customers. I have learnt to create a positive impression by being attentive and listening carefully to their requirements. As a Carpenter, I need to have attention to detail, things must be levelled and squared. We use our hands, saws, hammers and many other tools. We are having to measure distances and the size of items exactly when installing household items. An eye for detail helps with making measurements and fitting structures.

KSC2: Good problem-solving skills, and ability to forge and maintain productive inter-agency relationships.

Errors can occur in my industry as sometimes projects can run longer than expected, such as materials arriving late or in the wrong size. I must think critically to solve these issues. I can use logic to not only solve problems but even to foresee them before they occur and avoid them. This is where I have the ability to maintain productive inter-agency relationships.

KSC3: Demonstrate skills in working with and knowledge of Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel and Outlook.

My skills in this area are well developed as my experience in an administrative capacity includes support to Executives. Through out my working history, I have been required to utilise the range of Microsoft Office Software in the provision of high quality administrative assistance. This includes the presentation of information in a variety of formats.

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